Samedi 21 novembre 2015, par Mireille Amrous // Harmo’nia, l’association

Marybeth revient à ELEPHANT PANAME avec un nouvel évènement

Mercredi 2 Decembre 2015

Tarif : 15 €

A Love Dance for The Earth ! Let’s dance together to honor our bodies, the Earth, and Peace. Led by Marybeth, this Nia class experience will include the song below followed by a relaxation/meditation period.

Watch Britta’s video and download the song (A Love Song to the Earth) from itunes. On Monday November 30th play this song in your life and in your dance. Create a meditation at the end of your dance or during your day on November 30th with ALL positive intentions directed towards keeping our planet safe ! Can you imagine what the Earth will feel like if all people danced this at the same time ?

On December 2, we will dance together to honor our bodies and Peace on Earth.